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Integrated Pest Management: Plant Pathology He has been on the faculty at Iowa State University since 2000. It is actually defined by whether or not we see, notice, or value them. This program was created to strengthen partnerships between the agricultural industry, ISU faculty, and ISU students to cultivate strong agronomists for the future. $50.00 Non-members CEUs: He is particularly interested in the use of statistical and computer models to describe plant disease dynamics in the field and to make disease management decisions based on risk assessment and economics. Mixing cover crops together can bring those benefits to the next level. Nutrient Management Strategies for the Organic Transition, Pest and Weed Management Strategies for the Transitioning Producer, Systems-level Crop Management for the Organic Transition and Beyond, Managing Zinc in Agriculture by the 4R Principles, Manure Innovation: Teaching Styles and Marketing Programs, Methane, Hydrology, and Constructed Wetlands with Karla Jarecke and Dr. Terry Loecke Podcast, Minimizing Nitrate Leaching From Cropland, New Insights into Soybean Biological Nitrogen Fixation, New Strategies for Managing Corn Rootworm Resistance, Next Generation Strategies for Managing Edge of Field Nutrient Losses, Nitrogen and Potassium Fertilization for Improved Dryland Spring Wheat Grain Yield and Quality. Luther Smith CPSS/CPSC/CST: 0.5 Professional Meetings, Speaker Information: In addition to teaching a variety of crop, soil, and pest management courses, Dennis directed the daily operation of the Soil, Plant, and Water Analysis Laboratory at Stephen F. Austin State University in Nacogdoches, Texas for ten years. This article provides guidance on preparing to harvest a field, improving accuracy, cleaning and identifying potential errors in yield monitor data, and using the data to improve field understanding. Trostle’s educational training in soil chemistry included studies at Kansas State University, Texas A&M University and the University of Minnesota. Precision Ag Data Management Course - Designing and Setting Up an On-Farm Research Experiment, Precision Agriculture in Action: Part 1 - Using Digital Agronomy Tools to Assess On-farm Sustainability and Connect with the Supply Chain, Precision Agriculture in Action: Part 2 - Bridging the Gap Between Innovation and Adoption in Today's Precision Agriculture, Precision and Sustainable Agriculture with Dr. David Clay Podcast, Precision Soil Sampling: Harnessing Deeper Data for Nutrient Management, Precision Technologies for Managing Manure, Preventing and Managing Erosion in Continuous No-till, Quantification of Soybean Leaf Senescence and Maturation as Impacted by Soil- and Foliar-Applied Nitrogen, Redesigning Pneumatic Planters may Resolve Pollinator Health Issues, Reducing the Impacts of Agricultural Nutrients on Water Quality across a Changing Landscape, Regenerative Agriculture: An Introduction from an Experienced Producer and Educator, Regenerative Agriculture: Holistic Financial Planning, Regenerative Agriculture: How to Work with Farmers to Improve Soil, Relating Agronomic Practices to Environmental Sustainability Outcomes: Energy Use and Greenhouse Gases, Residual Effects of Nitrogen Application and Legume Crops on the Economics of Spring Wheat and Canola, Return on Investment from Biochar Application, Revisiting Past Recommendations for Alfalfa Nitrogen Crediting for Corn Silage Following Alfalfa in Utah, Revival of Grain Sorghum in the Mid-Atlantic Region, Risk Prediction Tools and the Interaction of Soybean Sudden Death Syndrome and Soybean Cyst Nematode, Row Spacing and Seeding Rate Effect on Soybean Seed Yield in North Dakota, Rush Skeletonweed Management in Pacific Northwest Winter Wheat-Fallow Cropping Systems, Saturated Riparian Buffers with Dr. Morgan Davis and Dr. Tyler Groh Podcast, Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants Agronomy Training-SCHAEFFER EMPLOYEES ONLY, Seasonality of Phosphorus Retention and Release in Riparian Buffers and Cover Crops in Canada, Sediment and the Health of the Great Barrier Reef with Dr. Peter Hairsine Podcast, Seeking Net Neutral: Energy Efficiency in the U.S. Rice Industry, Sensor-Based Nitrogen Fertilization for Midseason Rice Production in Southeast Missouri, Sifting and Winnowing: Analysis of Farmer Field Data to Identify Yield Gaps in Soybean Across the US North-Central Region, Soil Acidification in the Semiarid Regions of North America's Great Plains, Soil compaction problems and subsoiling effects on potato crops: A review, Soil Health with 2020 World Food Prize Laureate Dr. Rattan Lal Podcast, Soil Phosphorus Testing on Alkaline Calcareous Soils, Soil-Landscape Restoration: Potential Benefits and Best Practices, Soils Data Available from the USDA-NRCS-Soil Science Division, Soybean Cyst Nematode Management in Corn Belt, Soybean Cyst Nematode Management in the Western Corn Belt, Soybean Planting Technologies for Improving On-Farm Productivity, SPARC - Sustainability Programming for Ag Retailers and CCAs, Developing a Sustainability Program: A Manual for Ag Retailers and CCAs, Practices and Services Supporting Sustainable Agronomy, The Farmer Business Case for Sustainability, Sports Field and Athlete Interactions with Dr. Chase Straw Podcast, Sprayer Productivity: The Race to Greater Efficiency in the Field, Spring Wheat Response to Simulated Glyphosate Drift, Spring Wheat Response to Supplemental Nutrient Additions Under Silty Clay Loam Soils of Minnesota, Stacking Soybean Cyst Nematode Resistance with Dr. Brian Diers Podcast, Striking the Economic Balance for P and K Fertilizer, Strip Tillage: Research Lessons on How to Make a Good System Even Better, Sugar Cane Fertigation Using Pivots: Towards more Sophisticated Fertigation Programmes, Sundangrass as Companion Crop to Establish Alfalfa, Sunflower Response to Nitrification Inhibitor Application, Sustainable Agronomy Conference - Session 1: Economics of Sustainable Agronomy - Opportunities for Practitioners, Sustainable Agronomy Conference - Session 2: Agronomy of Sustainable Agronomy - A Multi-geography, Multi-crop Focus on the 4Rs, Sustainable Agronomy Conference - Session 3: Agronomy of Sustainable Agronomy Perspectives on Soil Health Measurement and Improvement, Sustainable Agronomy Conference - Session 4: Practitioners Guide for On-farm Sustainable Agronomy Success, Sustainable Agronomy Conference - Session 5: Environmental Benefits of Sustainable Agronomy - Stewardship in Action, Sustainable Agronomy Conference - Session 6: Implementation of Sustainable Agronomy - Science-based Solutions for Long-term Success, Switchgrass Growth and Forage Quality Trends Provide Insight for Management, Taking a 4R Approach when Applying Iron to Crops, Testing in Washington Identifies Widespread Postemergence Herbicide Resistance in Annual Grasses, The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill with Drs.

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