canadian pipeline standards

Pipeline companies regulated by the CER are liable for all remediation costs if at fault or negligent. Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Standards. This includes the Blue Flame newsletter, ENERGY Magazine, CGA Event updates, publications and more. During the 90s, the Canadian Standards Association rolled four standards for oil and gas pipelines into one. Canadian Energy Partnership for Environmental Innovation, CSA Z662 – 19 Oil and gas pipeline systems, CSA B149.1:20 Natural gas and propane installation code. Canada’s network of pipelines is an efficient and safe way to transport these extremely large quantities of oil and gas. There are four main types of pipelines that take careful planning to construct, implement and maintain. Phone: 613-755-2729 (61421)

Be sure to join the Canadian Gas Association’s electronic mailing list to receive a wide range of energy-related materials. We provide all the necessary product-related information to our customers. The Act enshrines the polluter-pays principle into law, clarifies audit and inspection powers of the CER, and ensures companies remain responsible for their abandoned pipelines.

Finally, the NEB considers safety and regulations regarding socio-economic matters, land matters, and public interest matters of those who live near pipelines. MC’s principal functions include: The two primary Acts that govern MC’s operations are: MC and industry work together under a formal structure called the Gas Process Advisory Committee (GPAC). In each of the following organizations, standards are developed by committees consisting of consumer, general interest and manufacturing members: Canada Pipe ductile iron pipe meets and exceeds the requirements of all of the above national standards relating to pipe manufacture and performance. The CSA standards development team wants you to get involved. 20/20 NDT Inc. provides all of western Canada with non-destructive testing of pipelines and structures. The one tool you never want to be without. Looking to impact standards important to you?

Crude oil transmission pipelines can carry crude oil, refined petroleum and different types of liquids. When adopted into regulation, they become requirements, but on their own, they make for useful reference points for companies to align with. If you were to place all the pipeline underground end to end, you would have enough to wrap around the earth 20 times! Pipelines must be engineered and improved through the use of ultrasonic tools and magnetic flux, which improve pipeline walls and provide leak protection. The CER must be notified immediately of any release that occurs from federally-regulated pipelines. Companies may be subjected to administrative penalties or other enforcement actions if they do not comply with regulatory requirements. Enabling Act: NATIONAL ENERGY BOARD ACT. Canadian Energy Regulator Onshore Pipeline Regulations P.C. Doing so ensures the safety of those who work with them and live around them. With 825,000 kilometres of transmission, gathering and distribution pipelines in Canada, most provinces have significant pipeline infrastructure. In an emergency situation, the CER’s top priority is to make sure that people are safe and secure, and that property and the environment are protected. The following are some details which may help in requesting formal interpretations of certain standards: Underwriters Laboratories of Canada Standards contact information: Brian Murphy, Manager Standards Fax: 613-231-5977. You may switch your default language anytime in the future by clicking on the language link located next to the search bar or the language link located in the bottom navigation.

Web Design by Hiilite Creative Group Kelowna. The CRN Cross Industry Consortium presents a unified voice of industry sectors affected by the CRN process, specifically, sectors that are involved in the manufacture, distribution and application of pressurized vessels. During the 90s, the Canadian Standards Association rolled four standards for oil and gas pipelines into one. As a user of a standard, if ever clarifications are required on a particular standard, SDOs have mechanisms to resolve questions and provide formal interpretations.

The CER conducts ongoing pipeline monitoring, inspections, and site visits to confirm compliance to regulatory requirements. Pipelines help to keep people employed and foster the growth of businesses in our country—truly serving as a backbone to our economy.

B 53 Identification of Piping Systems For more information, please contact You will not receive a reply.

98 pipeline companies regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator, 73,000 km of pipelines regulated by the Canada Energy Regulator, $106 billion/year - the value of energy products transported via pipeline (2015), 1,339 million barrels/year of oil transported via pipeline, 6,200 billion cubic feet/year of natural gas transported via pipeline, A product of the Energy and Mines Ministers’ Conference. For non-destructive testing in Grande Prairie, Fort St. John, Peace River, Dawson Creek, and the rest of Western Canada, call us at 1-866-930-6220. A portion of these resources will need to be readily accessible to help ensure rapid incident response. PDF Full Document: Canadian Energy Regulator Onshore Pipeline Regulations [278 KB] Regulations are current to 2020-10-21 and last amended on 2020-03-16. Pipeline regulation in Canada. The CER requires companies to have an emergency management program that anticipates, prevents, manages and mitigates conditions during an emergency that could adversely affect property, the environment, or the safety of workers or the public. We are a proud and experienced manufacturer of ductile iron pipe products. The Pipeline Safety Act came into force on June 19, 2016. Pipeline construction has been a political flashpoint. In each of the following organizations, standards are developed by committees consisting of consumer, general interest and manufacturing members: Canada Pipe ductile iron pipe meets and exceeds the requirements of all of the above national standards relating to pipe manufacture and performance. new or revised specifications, bulletins, and procedures). Learn more about the industry’s guiding principles in this section.

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