british army structure 2020

Army Recruiting and Initial Training Command, August 2018 Brigadier Gerald Ewart-Brookes (late Royal Logistic Corps): Head of Logistics (Army), August 2020 Brigadier Paul R. Griffiths (late Royal Signals): Head of Armed Forces Renumeration, April 2019 Brigadier Michael R. Keating (late Army Air Corps): Chief of the Defence Staff’s The 1st Armoured Division, renamed as the 1st (United Kingdom) Division, along with Support Command. Newspapers say it will be disbanded. It excludes regiments like the Corps of Music or units under other commands such as the air defence regiments. [16] 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and 4th Regiment Royal Artillery are assigned to the Strike Brigades. Back in February 2017, TMT reported on the changes to the Army 2020 plans after they were circulated in response to the 2015 SDSR. This looked at the whole of the Army, but especially its fighting brigades which needed to be equipped to deal with the changing nature of likely future operations in the light of the Afghan Campaign and the evolving battle against the likes of IS. We have created a browser extension. It turned out that Joint Force 2025 was something of stab-in-the-dark at what the British Army would have to be capable of deploying in order to provide an aiming point for the Army planners – and perhaps to prepare the public for radical changes that could include some well-disguised spending cuts. You could also do it yourself at any point in time. That's it. ©2020 The Military Times. The main changes of Army 2020 Refine are: The armoured infantry brigades will be reduced from three to two. There are three Foot Guards incremental companies stationed in London, and one Line Infantry incremental company stationed in Edinburgh. The Scottish and Prince of Wales' Divisions of Infantry merged, incorporating The Royal Regiment of Scotland, The Royal Welsh Regiment and The Royal Irish Regiment. It was envisaged that 19th Light Brigade then part of 3rd Mechanised Division, would be disbanded.[12]. This force pool will comprise: The table above provides the general structure of the British Army once Army 2020 is completed. [6] 3rd Regiment Royal Horse Artillery and 4th Regiment Royal Artillery are assigned to the Strike Brigades. [48], The regular component of the REME structure will reduce by one battalion to seven regular battalions. The 16 Air Assault Brigade, comprising two battalions of the Parachute Regiment and two Army Air Corps regiments of attack helicopters. In accordance with the Strategic Defence and Security Review, the number of AS-90 self-propelled guns will be reduced by 35%. There is the talk of forming two more reserve infantry battalions, but this is presumably another area where a shortfall might be removed by simply letting such plans fall by the wayside. Army 2020 includes 3 heavy cavalry regiments on Ajax, which means that the two armoured brigades and the first of the strike brigades are covered. [1], Subsequently, it was reported that the former Chief of the General Staff, General Sir Richard Dannatt, wanted to see the Army structured so as to extend the interval between operational tours from two to two-and-a-half years.[2].

[35] The number of active Challenger 2 tanks was cut by around forty per cent, and by 2014 had been reduced to 227. They will be based in the UK but will develop local expertise and knowledge over the long term to allow them to deploy in or out of their specific area as needed. Two innovative brigades will be established, comprising a mix of regulars and specialist capabilities from the reserves, that are able to contribute to strategic communications, tackle hybrid warfare and deliver better battlefield intelligence. Certainly, the formal recognition that the British Army will in future only be able to field a single division is in itself a cause for both concern and regret to some. The close observer will note that these battalions will have fewer private soldiers. Other concentrations will be based on recruiting or even local industry support such as that found in the West Midlands for signals and electronics. More on this story Army battalions affected by defence cuts Several units will be closed, with all manpower in those units being redeployed to other areas of the Army in its refined structure. Army 2020 Refine is the plan for the restructuring of the British Army to be implemented by 2025. A description of the organisational structure of Defence and how its organisations work together. These are supposed to be the UK’s enhanced contribution to something now called Defence Engagement, or more simply put, making sure our overall military efforts make more sense in the long run. Headquarters 64 Works Group Royal Engineers, Headquarters 4th Regiment Royal Military Police. Suggestions that the Army was going to have to eventually reduce in size have been around for a while – but by the start of 2018, informed observers started to suggest that the real aim of the current plans were to transform the Army into a force that traded size for “punch and depth”. ), Related Article: UK to Send another 440 troops to Afghanistan. Many were a bit concerned that the new level of secrecy was merely covering up a state of “flexibility”, bordering on indecision, as far as future plans were concerned. One Div will, presumably, now be a hollowed-out version of its former self and might be able to provide either reinforcement to 3rd Div or work alongside NATO forces perhaps. @BritishArmy@3UKDivComdSM @11SigWMBde", "Army restructures to confront evolving threats", "British Army to train cyber spies to combat hackers and digital propaganda", "British Army to engage in social media warfare as new cyber division unveiled", Regular British Army basing plan March 2013, Structure of regular British Army as given by AFF, Partial information via FOIA on Army 2020 Refine Units, Army Information Sub-Strategy (2015 – 2018), Future of the Army - British Army website,, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Creation of two new "Strike brigades", to be formed by converting an Armoured Infantry brigade and an Infantry brigade.

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