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This makes for a fun oral presentation which exceeds the traditional book report for both the presenter and the audience.

At a Little Free Library, anyone can take a book and leave a book so they can get something new to read and share books … Cereal Box Instructions Fall 2011 CTE Business Class. o Scissors, Glue, Tape o Colored markers and/or paint o Some of your favorite objects o Picture of yourself STEPS FOR PROJECT 1. score boards; staplers; ribbon cutter Grades: Any Summary: Place items in a paper bag to represent parts of a story Grade level: Grades 1-12 can complete this project.. Many more available fonts! There are many, many great ways for students to respond to literature.

Throughout the plan are illustrations and dimensions for building every part of the little library. Assembly diagrams and notes are included in this PDF, as well as a full materials list.

You'll get a small and simple Little Free Library that will look great in your yard or community. Summary: Place items in a paper bag to represent parts of a story. Procedures: This is a plan from the official Little Free Library website that comes as a 5-page PDF file. Some of the projects below can be completed in a weekend and others in just a few hours, either way all the projects will help y… *Allow students to write about the items in their paper bags, and/or about the book they read. Alan Baker's Little Free Library Plan from alanwbaker for Instructable Workshop. Grade level: Grades 1-12 can complete this project. Click on Facebook and LIKE US to get up-to-date information about the release of our subscriptions and get valuable coupon codes!

Free Christmas Tic-Tac-Toe Journal Prompts. At a Little Free Library, anyone can take a book and leave a book so they can get something new to read and share books that they love with their neighbors.

This is a BIG, IMPORTANT project ... Bring other homework or a book • STUDY HALL! Get DIY project ideas and easy-to-follow crafts to help you spruce up your space. Stay updated with all latest updates & much more.

(Questions from the class come naturally and should be encouraged.) Instructables has this little free library plan that has step-by-step instructions and real images to help you along the way. *If a student has selected a book which is appropriate in a social studies or science lesson, use this as an introduction to the topic. 2. 1. For shop projects like these, 22-gauge steel is about right. 10 word list save slots - and access your saved lists from anywhere! Get Student Handouts and Grading Rubics for these ten projects plus five more here. Enhancement of Literacy Skills: Independent book selection, independent reading, analysis of plot, character and/ or theme, oral presentation, creativity. The lid of the box should be left off. Each student chooses and reads a book independently, with teacher approval. 3.

Source: An AskERIC Lesson Plan submitted by Cecilia Hoff This little free library uses recycled materials such as pallets or old fencing to make the walls, roof, and floor. Book in a Box. The books are stacked together on a shelf on the inside, and you can look through the holes to see them and duck inside to take them. Building a Little Free Library a fairly easy woodworking project that's light on the wallet and doesn't take a lot of time.

Here are, in my opinion, ten of the best creative book report ideas. All subscriptions support The Teacher's Corner. For example, "Goldilocks and the Three Bears" might call for a soup spoon, a thermometer, a piece of doll house furniture, an ad for running shoes, etc. Across Curriculum:

The project was an absolute HIT with my class!

Website Design by Laugh Eat Learn. The free plans below include diagrams, photos, and building instructions so you can easily build your own Little Free Library. sheet metal. The Little Free Library project has been sweeping the nation for years now, encouraging anyone and everyone to put up a Little Free Library in their community.


What is the probability I will draw an item that starts with "p"? Use words and pictures to make a timeline of important events from the book. These aren't just any old books, this is a carefully curated collection and the Library itself is a piece of neighborhood art!” In 2011, there were just 100 libraries and currently there's around 6,000 of them, all around the world.

We like this plan because it lists all the materials and tools required to build the entire library, from start to finish.

Woodworking Projects for Beginners: Here's 50 great beginner woodworking projects that will get you comfortable with the basics of building with wood.

4. What was their favorite part of the book? The library stands at just over 2 feet tall supported by a five-foot post, and it uses plexiglass. Goals and Objectives: After selecting and reading a book independently, students will create a paper bag book report using an ordinary paper bag. SHOEBOX DIORAMA BOOK PROJECT Create a shoebox diorama of an important scene from your book. A quick web search will reveal that there are many ideas out there for creative book reports, but they are not all good ideas. Then all you need to do is cut out the pattern, make the bends, and spray on a … The 2-page PDF gives all the components you'll need to build the library, and even codes them with letters of the alphabet so you can refer to them in the instructions. More word/clues for crosswords (up to 50), More word/clues for match-ups (up to 100), More word/clues for fill-in-the-blank (up to 100), More word/clues for word scrambles (up to 100), No wait delays imposed for saving puzzles to an image or PDF, 'Fake Bank' on our Fill-in-the-Blank worksheets.

Time-saving teaching tips, effective strategies, and freebies right to your inbox! *For younger grades, count the items in the bags. Note: Subscriptions do NOT allow citation removal from puzzles and worksheets created on our site. Decorate a box to represent the book and fill it with objects that symbolize different aspects of the story (see student handout example below). All Rights Reserved. Color or paint the inside of your box. Assessment: Peer assessment of oral presentation; guided self-assessment of bag (inside and out) using a teacher-devised checklist/ scoring rubric; teacher assessment using checklist (The weight of peer evaluations, self-evaluation, and teacher evaluation will vary with student needs and grade level.). Add the items together.

Book Mobile.

SAFE: All subscriptions can be paid via Paypal or Stripe, so your sensitive banking information is never seen nor stored by our website. How to Build a Little Free Library from Boy's Life, Cevan Castle / The Architectural League of NY. Use a shoebox set on its side to create your scene. shop all; tools. Students devise written plans for their bag book reports, detailing five to seven items for the inside as well as creating layouts for the outside of the bag.

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Then, for each of the three major projects, you’ll find a complete materials list with everything necessary to complete the box, all the dimensions for the pieces, with the amount of each that you need to prepare… Layout. "tasting" each project. Provide time in class for students to complete their book report projects so they can see others working and have guided practice at fulfilling the promise of their written plans. These will work for almost any book and are especially good when students are reading independent book selections. Turn your box on its side so that it has a floor, a roof, two sides, and a back. Copyright © 1998-2020 The Teacher's Corner™. In the project section, you’ll find step-by-step instructions with photos showing how to construct a basic box. This is another free little library that supports five spaces that could be used for books as well as things like art, plants, or maps. (The teacher may want to require title, author, and publisher on the front; an internal conflict on the left side; an external conflict on the right side; or a favorite scene on the back, for example.)

Book Timeline. Besides a supply list, ​there are written instructions and clearly labeled diagrams to make this a fun afternoon or weekend project. Why did the select the book? (This can be modified if students are very low functioning--peer tutor or teacher reads book to them.) It simply consists of two walls and some shelves. It's modeled after an Amish cabin and is cute as can be. You are going to make a design for a fake Cereal • You are going to draw your ideas on a big piece of paper. A few other materials are needed but this is a quick project that even a young man can tackle. 5. Why did they select the items? Students should choose 5-7 items to place in the bag to represent significant events or characters from the book.

We set up the projects at individual desks, I put on some restaurant music to set the mood, told my kiddos to grab a writing "utensil", and they spent nearly an hour and a half (I kid you not!) Paper Bag Book Reports. Little Free Library Plan from The Architectural League NY, Stereotank / The Architectural League of NY. Submitted by: [email protected], Back to our Miscellaneous Reading Lesson Plans, NOTE:ALL Packages contain the same features, longer subscriptions get better price breaks.

Shannon Harvey's plan for a little free library is much easier to build than some of the others on this list.

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