best fictional fighters

Because of defence cuts, the West is ten years behind, and their air defences are now obsolete. Receive notification of new posts by email. The tail is similar to that of the He-162 Salamander. It’s a personal mansion-laboratory in the clouds. Have your own Top 10 in mind? The X-Men also featured a small flying ?mascot? Does it mention this in the book? It was supposedly armed with forward-firing 37 mm cannons in each wing. Martin Cruz Smith’s series takes in the fall of the Soviet Union to Putin’s Russia. One of the most compelling reasons to get your PS3 online, Warhawk is still being played even in the era of Modern Warfare 2. The tale of a man or woman having to fight his way to victory with his bare hands is about as timeless as it gets. Dayna Anderson didn’t start out wanting to be a detective. The Invincible of FF9, the Celsius of FFX, and of course the Highwind of FF7. The concept is clearly based on the ‘Switchblade’ patent filed by Grumman in 1999 for a Mach 3 capable stealth aircraft. #333 of 3,509 The Best Movie Characters Of All Time #1 of 20 Which Fictional Fighter Would Destroy All Others In A Sword Fight? A widower with an eye for the ladies, and a taste for drinking/smoking, the world-weary Gunther goes from a Berlin Trilogy to the post-war effects of Nazi Germany in travels that are rooted in history. Federation Attack Fighter. Every story he wrote had one thing in common—they didn’t have an ending. An establishing shot of an airship has become a standard shorthand in movies for “this is an alternate world”, and their widespread usage is seemingly mandatory in any alternate history novel. THE HOUND'S Greatest Fictional Crime Fighters . A naughty and well-informed prediction! She finds herself investigating a simple missing persons case that turns out to be anything but. The cockpit is reminiscent of the AH-1W, the weapons are based on real types and the fuselage has elements of the Kiowa. Oh, and did I mention it has a deadly and impossible to avoid laser cannon built into the nose cone? First, the aircraft that didn’t make it into the top ten. A big thank you to all of our readers. 0 . For instance, here’s a fictional craft from the Bill Barnes stories called the Scarlet Stormer: Miss Marple is not your average hard-nosed detective, she’s the exact opposite. What’s the Blackbird? Commander Gideon of Scotland Yard appeared in twenty-six of John Creasey’s novels (under his pseudonym JJ Marric). The 1982 film Firefox was based on a novel of the same name by Craig Thomas, in the novel however, the type looked similar to the MiG-25, as does the real MiG-31. Most visited articles. Bosh is a lone wolf, unafraid to risk the wrath of the Internal Affairs squad. The overcoat-filling, pipe-smoking detective, with a taste for alcohol and French food, solves crimes by empathising with criminals; understanding and examining their way of life and that of those around them. Click here for more on TSR.2. Even if one has Slippy in it. She’s written a novel that’s intriguing, with a plot that simultaneously pulls you in and makes you want to look away. He drives a yellow 1966 Corvette, uses a Mickey Mouse phone, drinks coffee from a Spider-Man mug and aspires to be Peter Pan. (last updated 10/01/14). Extremely agile and deadly in the hands of an ace, capable of racking up well in excess of a thousand kills in just seven missions, powerful and easily upgraded laser cannons, and the mighty Nova Bomb that obliterates everything on screen, this ship has it all. James Lee Burke’s Robicheaux is a haunted character; a recovering alcoholic (in part due to his time as a Vietnam vet). An interview with stealth guru Bill Sweetman here. The Hush-Kit Book of Warplanes is a beautifully designed, highly visual, collection of the best articles from the fascinating world of military aviation –hand-picked from the highly acclaimed Hush-kit online magazine (and mixed with a heavy punch of new exclusive material). If you’ve seen the show then you know that there’s no such thing as a simple case. A plan to investigate past the point when the cops had given up. She is a link to his lost species, a very efficient way of blasting many a space pirate into dust, and a friendly soothing voice even during the most frantic space battles. Cynical and short-tempered he smokes and snipes his way through the changes that blight his beautiful Sicily. One that leaps to mind (not immediately, however) is _Tom Swift’s_ giant atomic-powered VTOL jumbo-jet predecessor “Sky Queen”. A ‘Northrop-Loral F-19A Specter’ magazine advert did little to quell the F-19-mania, but the outing of the F-117 ‘stealth fighter’ in 1988 ended this enjoyable trend. In Stratos-4 the TSR2.MS is an ultra-fast interceptor, that can be launched from the back of a truck. Popular pages. I may need to review some of my pages to make sure we’ve got them matched up. But being written off, even by the FBI, helps Leaphorn, freeing him to use his knowledge of the Navajo way of life and culture to his advantage. Her most famous sleuth is the eccentric Inspector Ebenezer Gryce of the New York Metropolitan Police Force. These are my picks for the top ten fictional aircraft in the world of video games. First appearing as a tough New Orleans’ homicide investigator, he becomes a detective working as a sheriff's deputy in the town of New Iberia. There’s the Cloudbase in Captain Scarlet and there’s the Valiant in Doctor Who, to mention just a few. Cara Black’s Ludec is as stylish, bohemian and tough as the Paris she inhabits. My favourites though are the Kirov armoured zeppelins in the Red Alert games. Fighter characters also usually have an underdog or tale of redemption story that really make you appreciate what you have. Walter Mosley’s Fearless Jones is a man you’d want on your side: violent and tough he’s also a knight-errant, a man of justice and principle, and a war hero. The meticulous Poirot appeared in thirty-three novels and almost twice as many short stories by Agatha Christie. This list of fictional female crime fighters is sponsored by Sourcebooks. Ellis Peters’ character combines the curious mind of a naturist and that of a knight-errant. Can’t get everything in a list of ten I’m afraid. He is very flexible and his techniques are mind blowing so he should at the number 1 position. Like his creator Joseph Hansen, Brandstetter is openly homosexual. The killer was still out there. As I grew up I’ve found that the desire to consume stories with strong female leads is an itch that I never quite get tired of scratching. Edmund Crispin’s amateur detective Gervase Fenis also an Oxford Professor of English. She’s sharp of thought and strong of mind. An incredible mixed martial artist (Tommy Conlon of Warrior)? The Parisian is uses ‘ratiocination’ to solve mysteries that baffle the police. See my Firefox Book Review for more details. He’s a eccentric and friendly detective prone to wearing shapeless clothes and sporting a large umbrella. No love for the Blackbird, Quinjet or even the Batplane? Click here for the story of Russian stealth. I thought Sky Queen was named Sky Queen but ncknamed Flying Lab (because she was always faithful & barked at strangers)? If you’re a mystery buff you may guess the twist early on, but I that shouldn’t deter you from reading a story by one of the greatest mystery writers ever. 9. I’m just rather surprised that Fireflash from Thunderbirds didn’t make the cut – or even Thunderbirds 1 or 2. More on Bill Barnes here: So who are the best fighters in movies and TV? One entry per franchise, and nothing that you can find here in reality, 'cause that's no fun. Speculative fiction seems to have a perennial fascination with flying aircraft carriers. Don’t know knew who reported its existence, but it didn’t exist. Jack Taylor is Ken Bruen’s well-read PI of many vices. We’re trying to do something different with Hush-Kit: give aviation fans something that is both entertaining, surprising and well-informed. How can you have a list of things that fly without including the Falcon? The Aurora plays a major part in my novel Angel in Amber, and Matthew Reilly mentions it in Area Seven. Interviews with pilots of the F-14 Tomcat, Mirage, Typhoon, MiG-25, MiG-27, English Electric Lighting, Harrier, F-15, B-52 and many more. Morse is a loner, it’s not that he’s happy alone – listening to Wagner, guzzling beer or completing crosswords – it’s just that he’s more miserable when with other people, despite being romantic at heart. Pre-order your copy now right here. He’s a Boston private eye as tough, honourable and quick-witted as any of his predecessors but Spenser is also a gourmet cook, recites poetry and maintains a committed relationship with one woman. Like any good teenager, she’s just a bit too curious for her own good. At a time where women are meant to be marrying and having children, she’s busy hunting down her illegitimate half brother. The first lady of the entire galaxy, Samus Aran is the one to call if you need a planet or three scoured for Metroids and space pirate scum. From the house-bound to the blind, from the English gent to the Australian debt collector, criminals have suffered at the hands of these good guys. You'll find law enforcers and a few law breakers amongst this list of the Hound's greatest. The book will be a stunning object: an essential addition to the library of anyone with even a passing interest in the high-flying world of warplanes, and featuring first-rate photography and a wealth of new world-class illustrations. Maureen Carter’s Bev Morriss shoots from the lip. William Kent Krueger’s Cork O'Connor, part Irish-American part Ojibwe (Anishanaabe Indian) former Chicago cop then deputy and sheriff of Tamarack County, is a family man (albeit troubled). The snowspeeder first appeared in the opening sequence of The Empire Strikes Back, with Luke Skywalker using a snowspeeder’s harpoon to bring down heavily armoured Imperial transporters. The pipe-smoking Parisian runs his own detective agency after returning from a POW camp to find his city occupied by German forces. Grant is a gentleman; a sympathetic, honourable character with detective skills that include the ability to ‘read’ faces.

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