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P Thomson, ‘Tax office jobs off to central coast’, Canberra Times, 15 May 2014, p. 1, accessed 19 May 2014. The PGPA Act represents a shift in public resource management from a compliance approach to a principles-based framework. *SES employee has the meaning given by section 34 [of the Act]. Minor changes from the Act definitions are indicated by square brackets ([ ]). (b)    receiving the pay and other entitlements that are to be paid to the employee following the move to the Agency. Flipchart of Commonwealth entities and companies. Wilson argued that the public service has been “quietly moving its workforce off the books”. Individual Australian Government agency websites also advertise jobs and some jobs are advertised on external job boards, such as in newspapers.[77]. [21]. ; National Commission of Audit, Towards responsible government: appendix: volume 3, March 2014, p. 129, accessed 19 May 2014. Note   The dictionary only includes a signpost definition for a word or expression if the word or expression is used in more than one rule. The Budget papers provide guidance to agencies in how the ED should be applied by indicating that ‘savings [are] to be targeted in areas such as reduced advertising, consultancy and travel costs and deregulation efficiencies.’[3] The Australian Research Council has had a one-off 3.25 per cent ED applied to its administered funding for 2015–16. outcome statements, which specifically articulate the intended results, impacts or consequences of actions by the Government on the Australian community; programs to address outcomes, which are designed to deliver benefits, services or transfer payments to target groups; and. resourcing information, deliverables and key performance indicators for each program. GN47), Public Service Classification Amendment Rules 2006 (No. 5. The Flipchart is a reference of all non-corporate and corporate Commonwealth entities and companies. It’s good to aim for age 9 reading level. The Public Service Classification Rules 2000 (in force under subsection 23 (1) of the Public Service Act 1999) as shown in this compilation is amended as indicated in the Tables below.. Figures gathered from annual, Senior Executive Service Band 1 (SES Band 1), Senior Executive Service Band 2 (SES Band 2), Senior Executive Service Band 3 (SES Band 3). [27]. (b)    a person appointed to an office by the Governor‑General, or by a Minister, under a law of the Commonwealth. (2)   The dictionary includes certain words and expressions relevant to these Rules that are defined in the. responsibilities and duties) at each classification level. These Rules are the Public Service Classification Rules 2000. Maximum rate includes Public Affairs Grade 2 retained pay point. Public service wages were decentralised in 1997, allowing individual APS agencies to negotiate their own pay deals. (b)    a person who is engaged as an APS employee under section 72 [of the Act]. Visit the Department of Employment website ( for more information. Cormann and Abetz, op. Someone who is age 9 would be in Australian Year 3 or Year 4. In a recent report for Michael West Media, former Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) employee Geordie Wilson noted that documents accessed under FOI laws had revealed that the number of non-IT public service roles outsourced by the federal government is “in the thousands”. Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), Australian government public sector workplace bargaining policy, 28 March 2014, accessed 16 May 2014. 1), ad. Ethical: The APS demonstrates leadership, is trustworthy, and acts with integrity, in all that it does. Consultants The General Government Sector excludes entities that are mainly commercial. Many graduate-entry positions are based in Canberra. Notes to the Public Service Classification Rules 2000. They accommodate the diversity of roles across the APS and are structured to clearly differentiate between the work expected (i.e. Liaise with internal and external stakeholders to ensure positive customer outcomes 4. Accountable: The APS is open and accountable to the Australian community under the law and within the framework of Ministerial responsibility. (1)   This rule applies to an Agency Head if: (a)    an ongoing APS employee moves to the Agency Head’s Agency in accordance with an agreement entered into under section 26 of the Act; and, (i)    a specified period, in accordance with the agreement and the Public Service Regulations 1999; or. [2]. E Abetz (Minister for Employment), Public service wage bargaining , media release, 28 March 2014, accessed 16 May 2014. (2)   The dictionary includes certain words and expressions relevant to these Rules that are defined in the Public Service Act 1999. The Rules provide an approved classification structure for the Australian Public Service. [1] At June 2013, the median age for ongoing APS employees was 43 years. Representing the organisation in negotiations, and at conventions, seminars, public hearings and forums, and promoting existing and new programs and policies. [9]. ASL is almost always a lower figure than a headcount of actual employees so, when staff are shed, the number of individuals who leave the public service will be higher than the ASL figure. Their functions are set out in sections 41(1) and 50(1), respectively, of the Public Service Act 1999. See rule 6 in relation to the classification of SES employees. cit. Note   Subsection 23 (2) of the Act provides that the Classification Rules may apply, adopt or incorporate, with or without modification, any of the provisions of an award, as in force at a particular time or as in force from time to time. [29], The APS Values are set out in section 10 of the Public Service Act 1999. Under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003, which came into force on 1 January 2005, it is a requirement for all non-exempt legislative instruments to be registered on the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments. 61–66, accessed 14 May 2014. You’ll also receive special offers from our partners. [20]. Some AAT employees have also allegedly been denied promotions unless they end their legal employment with the APS and agree to enter into privatised contracts. Under the Legislative Instruments Act 2003, which came into force on 1 January 2005, it is a requirement for all non-exempt legislative … They may work as Archivists, Conservators, Librarians, Meteorologists, Microbiologists, Psychologists, Public Relations Officers, or in other professional and technical areas. [13]. You can opt-out at any time. Managing regulation, enforcement and compliance, Dealing with the impacts of COVID-19: Prioritising the use of scarce funds. A Trounson, ‘ARC funding ‘redirection’ attacked’, The Australian, 19 December 2013, accessed 16 May 2014. Maximum rate includes Executive Level 2.1, Executive Level 2.2, Legal and Science specialist structures and Medical Officer Class 3 and 4. The establishment and operation of the Australian Public Service is governed by the Public Service Act 1999 of the Parliament of Australia as an "apolitical public service that is efficient and effective in serving the Government, the Parliament and the Australian public". cit., part 2. (2)   This rule does not apply to the employee if the employee is engaged in accordance with subregulation 3.5 (4) of the Public Service Regulations 1999 for a specified term, or for the duration of a specified task, for the purpose of the employee gaining skills and experience. Australia’s health system is one of the best in the world, providing safe and affordable health care for all Australians. 10–30 and 10–33, accessed 15 May 2014. 2: 2014–15, 2014, p. 69, accessed 14 May 2014. [11] Accordingly, the Australian Public Service is one of the largest employers in Australia. [22], In November 1996, Peter Reith issued a discussion paper, Towards a best practice Australian Public Service. 4              Definitions — the dictionary. [70] It found that the APS performed poorly in: its capability for coordinated, informed and strategic policy; its mechanisms for integrating external stakeholders into policy development and service design; and its understanding of government priorities through an overarching framework. [10] The Australian National Audit Office, the Department of Finance, the Department of the Treasury, and the Attorney-General's Department also have whole-of-government oversight and management responsibilities. [60] All APS agencies contribute to Portfolio Budget Statements that inform Parliament and the public of the proposed allocation of Government outcomes. Subsection 23 (2) of the Act provides that the Classification Rules may apply, adopt or incorporate, with or without modification, any of the provisions of an award, as in force at a particular time or as in force from time to time. There are limited opportunities for overseas postings. Provide specialist assistance to key customer groups to achieve outcomes in accordance with a range of key performance measures 6. Australian Public Service Commission (APSC), Australian Public Service bargaining framework: supporting guidance, APSC, Canberra, 2011, p. 8, accessed 20 May 2014. [6] Indeed, the Australian Public Service plays a major part in Australian life by providing "cradle to grave" services with a degree of shared responsibility with the State and Territory governments. Australian Government, Budget measures: budget paper no. [79] [80] The table below lists APS employment classification levels from lowest to highest. The investigation by Geordie Wilson of Michael West Media found that: The AAT has engaged more than 551 contractors via labour-hire since 2016. (a)    a person engaged under section 22 [of the Act]; or. The federal government has been spending more than $5 billion a year on labour-hire and consultants, new analysis has found. (5)   A power or function that is exercised or performed by a person under a delegation under subrule (3) is taken, for the purposes of these Rules, to have been exercised or performed by the person who originally delegated the corresponding power or function under subrule (1). The documents showed that even senior roles, including assistant directors, executive officers, ministerial advisers, and in policy, management, and biosecurity were being outsourced. [14] A peak of 182,505 was reached in 2011–12. [54] 39.1 per cent of APS employees work in the Australian Capital Territory. [4]. 5. 6. 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