atlanta airport parking status

","couponUrl":null,"locationMarkerImage":"","reservationDiscountPromoMessages":{"CouponDescriptionReplacementPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"DiscountDescriptionPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"FacilityHeadingPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"ReservationButtonPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"Any":false,"NotEmptyCouponDescriptionReplacementPromo":false,"NotEmptyDiscountDescriptionPromo":false,"NotEmptyFacilityHeadingPromo":false,"NotEmptyReservationButtonPromo":false},"IsSkiData":false,"IsJaguar":true,"IsVariable":false,"RedirectToCoupon":false,"FacilityDifferentiator":{"facilityId":2,"valueStatement":"","differentiatorStatement":"Temporarily closed ​due to decreased travel demand","shuttleStatement":"","showFastShuttleIcon":false,"shuttleWaitTimes":"trip","shuttleOnCallHours":"24/7","coveredParkingDescriptor":"Covered Canopy","reserveButtonText":"CHECK RATES \u0026 RESERVE"}}], Please call for 24/7 pick up: (404) 761-3300, Please call for 24/7 pick up: (404) 761-7711, The health and safety of our guests and employees are at the forefront of all our decisions. It is a good option for drivers that don’t need to spend a lot of time at the airport or they need to pick-up or drop-off other passengers. On West Economy parking, it is temporarily closed.

Rates subject to change.\u003cbr\u003eUncovered - Domestic Service Only\u003cbr\u003eCovered - Domestic or International Service\u003cbr\u003e","message":"","learnMoreMessage":"CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFORMATION","url":"/locations/atlanta/atl/the-parking-spot-1","ReserveButtonText":"CHECK RATES \u0026 RESERVE","location":{"latitude":33.65266,"longitude":-84.47859},"airport":{"code":"ATL","name":"Atlanta Hartsfield Airport","spots":0,"market":"Atlanta","sub":null,"locations":null,"center":null,"url":null,"city":null,"airportUrl":null,"couponButtonText":null,"mobileCouponButtonText":null,"isMarketComingSoon":false,"couponRadius":0,"id":0},"options":[{"name":"Premium covered self-park","price_per_day":11,"inVisible":false,"sortOrder":1,"IsVariable":false},{"name":"Covered self-park","price_per_day":10,"inVisible":false,"sortOrder":2,"IsVariable":false},{"name":"Uncovered self-park","price_per_day":8,"inVisible":false,"sortOrder":3,"IsVariable":false}],"amenities":[{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Uncovered Parking","ShortDescription":"","LongDescription":"Fast check-in \u0026 checkout in a fully staffed, well-lit facility","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":6,"SortOrderForList":5},{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Open 24/7/365","ShortDescription":"","LongDescription":"Open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":4,"SortOrderForList":3},{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Shuttle Service","ShortDescription":"\u003cspan\u003e\u003cspan\u003ePlease call for 24/7 pick up: (404) 761-3300\u003c/span\u003e\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr\u003e","LongDescription":"\u003cspan\u003ePlease call for 24/7 pick up: (404) 761-3300\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr\u003e","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":2,"SortOrderForList":1},{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Covered Parking","ShortDescription":"Covered Canopy","LongDescription":"Upgrade to covered parking to protect your vehicle from the elements","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":7,"SortOrderForList":6},{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Shuttle Tracking App","ShortDescription":"","LongDescription":"\u003ca href=\u0027\u0027 target=\u0027_blank\u0027\u003eClick here\u003c/a\u003e to learn more about our FREE shuttle tracking app","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":10,"SortOrderForList":9},{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Luggage Assistance","ShortDescription":"","LongDescription":"Friendly drivers offer assistance with luggage","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":13,"SortOrderForList":12},{"IconUrl":"","Name":"Premium Parking","ShortDescription":null,"LongDescription":"\u003cspan\u003e\u003c/span\u003e\u003cspan\u003eReceive priority service and be the first to be dropped off upon your return\u003c/span\u003e\u003cbr\u003e","SortOrderForComparingFacilities":5,"SortOrderForList":4}],"amenitiesVisibility":[true,true,true,true,true,true,true,true],"couponButtonText":"Reserve to save! There are more than 10 different off-airport lots near Hartsfield-Jackson. Secure your spot at ATL Airport today with The Parking Spot!"}]}. A good night’s sleep at a hotel located close to the airport can alleviate the fear of missing your flight due to heavy traffic, bad weather or airport security measures. You can see a list of the options on the airport's ground transportation web page, or take Camp Creek Parkway to reach many of the lots near the domestic terminal.
Off-airport parking lots are another option. Again, in many cases, the cost of the Park Sleep and Fly hotel packages with free airport parking is about the same as the airport parking alone. No more circling ATL Airport parking lots to search for an open spot. Simply reserve your space at one of the lots, catch the free shuttle, and enjoy your trip. WallyPark Airport Parking: You get the option of indoor valet, indoor self parking, or outdoor parking at this Atlanta airport parking lot. Often less than the cost of airport parking alone, these packages offer convenient parking and hotel accommodation options when you leave or return from the airport. ","couponUrl":null,"locationMarkerImage":"","reservationDiscountPromoMessages":{"CouponDescriptionReplacementPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"DiscountDescriptionPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"FacilityHeadingPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"ReservationButtonPromo":{"Desktop":null,"Mobile":null},"Any":false,"NotEmptyCouponDescriptionReplacementPromo":false,"NotEmptyDiscountDescriptionPromo":false,"NotEmptyFacilityHeadingPromo":false,"NotEmptyReservationButtonPromo":false},"IsSkiData":false,"IsJaguar":true,"IsVariable":false,"RedirectToCoupon":false,"FacilityDifferentiator":{"facilityId":1,"valueStatement":"","differentiatorStatement":"Drop off available for the connector shuttle to International","shuttleStatement":"24/7 on-call shuttle hours","showFastShuttleIcon":true,"shuttleWaitTimes":"trip","shuttleOnCallHours":"24/7","coveredParkingDescriptor":"Covered Canopy","reserveButtonText":"CHECK RATES \u0026 RESERVE"}},{"id":2,"sortOrder":2,"logo":"","carCareImage":null,"name":"The Parking Spot 2","address":"3600 N. Desert Drive","address2":"East Point, GA 30344","phone":"404.761.7711","manager":"Deon Harper","taxDescription":"Taxes and Fees included. ","mobileCouponButtonText":"Reserve to save! - Per hour: $3- Per day: $19- Lost Ticket Fee = Drivers have to pay the maximum daily rate. Rates subject to change. Hartsfield-Jackson said South Economy, West Economy, North Daily and South Daily parking will remain open. In 2014, more than 96 million passengers flew through ATL. Off-Airport parking customers, regional shared ride shuttle customers to be relocated Ongoing Airport construction efforts will impact ATL customers who utilize off-airport parking shuttles and regional shared ride shuttles beginning Monday, Aug. 12. Atlanta Airport has different parking lots with more than 30,000 parking spaces to allow drivers choose the one that suits better for their trip. Leave your vehicle at a nearby hotel while you go on your trip.

HYOSUB SHIN / HSHIN@AJC.COM, More than 1,000 parking spaces will close in the North Economy lot. - Per hour: $3- Per day: $10- Lost Ticket Fee = Drivers have to pay the maximum daily rate.

There is a shuttle bus service that goes and comes back from the parking lot to the domestic terminal. Drop off available for the connector shuttle to International, 2741 Camp Creek Parkway Atlanta, GA 30337, Temporarily closed ​due to decreased travel demand, 3600 N. Desert Drive East Point, GA 30344, [{"id":1,"sortOrder":1,"logo":"","carCareImage":null,"name":"The Parking Spot 1","address":"2741 Camp Creek Parkway","address2":"Atlanta, GA 30337","phone":"7709066760","manager":"Brad LeMaire","taxDescription":"Taxes and Fees included. While the North Daily parking will remain open, customers are urged to use the South Daily parking lot, the South Economy lot, the West Economy lot, Park-Ride lots A and C, and the International Park-Ride. Rates subject to change. ","mobileCouponButtonText":"Reserve to save! ","subDescription":"","description__s":"A little Atlanta for ya.

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