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As a result of INARA's incredible impact in a short period of time, Damon has recently been recognized with multiple awards including the 2017 James W. Foley Humanitarian Award; the World of Children's 2017 Crisis Award; the Syrian-American Medical Society's Humanitarian Award; and Time Warner's 2016 Richard Parsons Community Impact Award and Excellence in Service Award, which was voted on by the employees of Time Warner (parent company to CNN). Her average salary is still not known. 15.9k Followers, 1,070 Following, 564 Posts - See Instagram photos and videos from Arwa Damon (@arwacnn) A.D.: My dad understands that I’m not trying to be the story. We also have a big referral program. WWD: Tell me about your nonprofit, INARA. Her report drew one of the biggest responses to a non-breaking news story in the history of that, through the network's 'Impact Your World' initiative, allowed him to receive medical treatment in the United States. November 6, 2020 Arwa Damon is CNN's Beirut correspondent covering stories from Lebanon and the surrounding region, with particular emphasis on the continuing unrest in Syria. Even though she is such, Arwa Damon has garnered a big sum of net worth estimated at $3 million as of 2019. For her reportage on the Consulate attack in Benghazi, Damon won an Investigative Reporters and Editors' IRE Award, along with Sarmad Qaseera. Arwa Damon is an Arab-American, CNN Senior International Correspondent, based in Istanbul. She recovered a personal diary of slain Ambassador Christopher Stevens from the scene which further laid light on the truth on the attack. She was born in Boston, Massachusetts but spent most of her childhood in Morocco and Turkey. There is an increasing mind-set shift around the degrowth movement — working less, buying less and making less,” the report noted. On a rainy day recently, Damon spoke to WWD about her experiences reporting from war zones, while peppering her conversation with anecdotes laced with off-color jokes — like the time she was worried about getting shot while on the toilet during a gun battle in Iraq because she didn’t want to be found wearing “Hello Kitty” underwear — in order to diffuse the grave nature of her job. Damon got huge public attention after she first covered the most thrilling war stories regarding the military invasion and occupation an including the Battle of Najaf and the battle to retake Samarra in 2004, the United States Marine Corps' offensive against insurgents in Fallujah and Operation Steel Curtain in Husaybah near the Syrian border. Despite her belonging to a strict religion she supports gay rights. At the beginning of Iraq war, she moved to Baghdad and covered news of Middle-East as a Freelance producer for three years. How do we tell our stories — especially with the wars that have continued for so long? I think some of it is maybe because I’m very unassuming and I look American, but I’m very much from there as well so I can speak with authority about all of these issues. During her stay in Iraq, she covered top-notch stories like the battle of Fallujah, the execution of Saddam Hussein, the collapse of Ba’ath regime and the first national election of the country. newscasts in 2003. I was part of that group of journalists that got kicked out of Baghdad right before the war really started. When traveling with Iraqi special forces into ISIS-held Mosul, the convoy came under attack multiple times forcing Damon and CNN photojournalist Brice Laine to seek shelter in a civilian house. I went to Skidmore in upstate New York. In 2014, she was awarded the Courage in Journalism Award given by the International Women's Media Foundation (IWMF). The Arab Spring from Libya and Egypt in December 2010,  was one of the first journalists to arrive at the scene and recovered slain Ambassador J. Christopher Stevens' diary in 2012, featured a story called Arwa Damon Investigates: Ivory War in 2013, the Chibok schoolgirls kidnapping case in April 2014, 2016 Battle of Mosul and the Tham Luang cave rescue case in 2018. Her reports have focused on -- amongst other subjects -- the refugee crisis across Europe, the effect of devastating 'barrel bombs' air raids on the civilian population of Aleppo and moves by Turkish security forces to reinforce the country's historically porous border with Syria. Paris and Milan will maintain separate fashion weeks for men and women, while London and New York could durably cancel their men’s weeks. children from Syria. From the shadowy entrance of a long tunnel in Central Park in New York, Arwa Damon cuts a slight figure. How do you get your stories to resonate? She has already made a long way in her career. I understand it’s one child, but you realize the impact of changing someone’s narrative and changing how they view the world and how they view other people around them. Her body measures 34-27-35 inches. How do we keep it relevant? November 6, 2020 Further details on her dress and shoe size are currently under review. Sure, there was looting and there were crowds, but as the Iraq War got worse, I learned more experiencewise along with it. A.D.: Seven years. ⁣ ⁣ Edited, a retail market analytics firm that publishes reports on runway and retail trends, said COVID-19 has caused a blow to fast fashion’s typically quick cadence despite some signs of recovery. I remember I ran into a bunch of people who told me I would never make it the minute I stepped into the Al Rasheed Hotel. From 2003, she covered the Middle East as a freelance journalist, before joining CNN in 2006. Oka celebrates his birthday every year on December 27 as he was born on December 27, 1974. H&M Names Leyla Ertur as Head of Sustainability, Sue Nabi Talks Kylie Cosmetics, Covergirl and the Future of Coty, Brookfield Property Partners Continues to Log Record Losses. Her father Dr George H. Damon is a teacher and currently is headmaster of American Community School in Beirut. She covered the Middle East news for three years, as a freelance producer working with CNN, CNN International, PBS, Fox News, and others, occupation an including the Battle of Najaf and the battle to retake Samarra in 2004, the United States Marine Corps' offensive against insurgents in Fallujah, he Arab Spring from Libya and Egypt in December 2010,  was one of the first journalists to arrive at the scene and recovered slain Ambassador J. Christopher, The energetic and courageous CNN reporter is currently single as of 2020. At the link in bio, see what each of the fashion council leaders said about the future of fashion week in their perspective cities. We had one girl whose jaw was blown off and she went in and had initial surgery but all they did was pull a skin flap over. Her relentless - and moving - coverage demonstrating the dire situation these refugees were facing was recognized with an Emmy Award and Gracie Award in 2016. This enterprise storytelling contributed to CNN's 2015 Peabody Award, which recognized Damon's "high-risk field reporting" that made the network's coverage of this story "comprehensive and indispensable.". In 2015 Damon launched a non-profit organization, International Network for Aid, Relief, and Assistance (INARA), based on her personal experience in war zones and war-torn nations. A.D.: I think the desire to be a journalist started post-911. And with such a long hard-working career has paid her off a very lucrative sum. A.D.: About two-and-a-half weeks before the Iraq War. Damon graduated with honors from Skidmore College in New York with a double major in French and Biology and a minor in International affairs. By subscribing, you agree to our Damon would go on to cover the Arab Spring, the attack on the U.S. embassy in Benghazi, Boko Haram, the Syrian refugee crisis and the Mosul offensive, among other stories. Some of it is injuries directly caused by a weapon of war….they’ve scarred in such a way that they can’t move their arm or they can’t move their neck. Oka holds graduation degree from the Brown University majoring in Computer science and mathematics. director at Robert College. I think you need a certain level of fear because you need to respect the danger and the minute you stop sensing fear, that’s the minute you stop respecting the danger, and that’s when things can happen. She covered the Middle East as a freelance journalist, before joining CNN in 2006. She is also president and founder of INARA, a humanitarian organization which provides medical treatment to refugee children from Syria. She was also one of the earliest journalists to reach the scene of Benghazi attack in 2012 and report its current scene and its aftermath. Her mother Joumana is a Syrian, daughter of Muhsin al-Barazi, an ex-Syrian Prime Minister. Arwa Damon is a senior international correspondent based in CNN's Istanbul bureau. More recently, she was back to report for the powerful documentary “lnside Iraq: Living with the enemy” that looked at an Iraq traumatized by its recent history, seeking to understand the horrors of what millions lived through and putting names to the nameless victims. Arwa Damon is CNN's Beirut correspondent covering stories from Lebanon and the surrounding region, with particular emphasis on the continuing unrest in Syria. She was a bright child finishing her high school at the age of sixteen. The daring, courageous and adventurous Arwa Damon is a senior international correspondent working for CNN, one of the largest news channels in the world. She is growing up speaking languages and became fluent in Arabic, French, Turkish, and English. A.D.: I think we need to be human. Arwa Damon is an award-winning senior international correspondent based in CNN's Istanbul bureau. WWD: When the war started, did you feel unprepared? WWD: How’d you get into this kind of journalism? Her major source of income is her regular job as a senior international correspondent at CNN's new network. After Boko Haram kidnapped more than 200 Nigerian girls from a school in Chibok in April 2014, Damon travelled to West Africa -- including the islands of Lake Chad -- as the hunt for the Islamist militant group intensified. I do it because not just the medical need, but also you see such a massive difference. It is reported that Arwa Damon is worth 3 million US dollars. She is growing up speaking languages and became fluent in Arabic, French, Turkish, and English. Actually she is fluent speaker of French, English, Turkish and Arabic, thanks to her residence in different places. WWD: What’s your goal as a journalist when you go into war zones? Damon joined CNN in 2006, after a three-year freelance career in Iraq and the Middle East. No, I don’t have any experience.” I found another place called Feature Story News. Damon and Laine's reporting on this deadly attack was recognized with a Peabody Award for their "calm, clarity, and razor-sharp photography" on a story that demonstrates the "psychological burden of the ISIS reign of terror, especially on children." He wants to be a doctor and he wants to treat other children. Before moving to Istanbul, Damon was based at CNN's Beirut bureau and was part of the network's team covering the Arab Spring. The Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) presented Damon with their top award, the IRE Medal, for her in-depth reporting on the attack and its aftermath. to uncover issues including deforestation and the threats of extinction that man species face. She might be search of a loving husband with whom she can live a happy life. She might have got a good plan for her wedding. Posing for photos, Damon, who serves as CNN’s senior international correspondent, is in town for the News and Documentary Emmy and Edward R. Murrow ceremonies, before heading back out on assignment where, in the coming weeks, she will report from around Syria and Raqqa, and eventually Niger to investigate the deaths of four U.S. soldiers. to an American father, George H. Damon and Syrian mother, Joumana. He moved to Los Angeles from Japan with his mother when he was six years old. The audacious lady is an Iraq specialist for CNN. He ended up coming to Los Angeles, and he was like “wow.” One, compassion of strangers exists and two, later on, the impact of what we did for that kid.

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