american cancer society corruption

Lastly, there are environmental risks created by these industries to humans by using up the earth’s resources at a much faster rate,  polluting the water and air surrounding the farms and causing permanent damage to the environment and the species. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. The owners of these farms as well as the government have no real care for the people who live around these farms and are not acknowledging the negative health effects it is causing them. The American Cancer Society is funded by Tyson one of the world’s largest meat producers, and Yum who owns Pizza Hut, KFC and Taco Bell. Government industries such as the USDA and government funded health organizations such as the American Cancer Society, the American Diabetes Association and the American Heart Association, are backed by large meat and dairy companies despite the fact that there are proven health risks to eating meat and dairy. This starts their addiction to meat and dairy from a young age creating life long consumers for the meat and dairy industries. They don’t want to make light of the inadequacies of what alternative health news enthusiasts call “scam-o-grams” because they are all one huge scam to send woman down a dangerous path that makes the cancer industry that much more profitable to those who “invest” in it. Ultimately the uncontrolled use of antibiotics in the meat and dairy industry and the unregulated damage to the environment as well as the lack of concern for  human health demonstrates the corruption in the meat and dairy industry.

Ovarian cancer (mortality) for women over the age of 65 has increased by 47 percent in African American women and 13 percent in Caucasian women due largely to genital use of talc powder. Of course, ACS makes no mention of any natural method for quitting smoking.

(9), ACS Maintains a Cozy Relationship with the Cancer-Drug Industry. Which is this “War on Cancer?”, Critics right and left have questioned ACS’s apparent “conflicts of interest” since they have so many ties to chemical industries and those industry DONATIONS that come streaming in on a consistent basis. This guideline is created by a committee whose members have received money from the National Dairy Council, the American Meat Institute, the National Dairy Board and more. The meat and dairy industry have a large influence on the food that we eat, and what we believe to be healthy. Nowhere in the ACS “company book” is there mention of smokers seeking nutritional advice from a Naturopathic physician and heavy metal detoxification programs. Malignant melanoma has increased by 168 percent due to the use of toxic sunscreen products that fail to block long wave ultraviolet light. American Cancer Society makes no attempt to influence legislation to protect US citizens from a WIDE range of occupational and environmental KNOWN CARCINOGENS such as the following: Scientific and Statistical Facts Testicular cancer has increased nearly 50 percent due to pesticides, harmful ingredients in personal care products and estrogen residues in meat. AstraZeneca, a Big Pharma giant, has made multimillion dollar contributions to ACS, influencing just about everything that the ACS does – every poster, leaflet or commercial product about Breast Cancer Awareness you can think of. Many of these programs are children oriented advertisements using celebrities they know thus affecting their future buying decisions.

Diabetes is becoming an epidemic with 1in 10 people currently being affected with diabetes and by 2050 it is expected that 1 in 3 people will be affected by diabetes. Breast cancer has increased 17 percent due to a wide range of factors including birth control pills, estrogen replacement therapy, ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products, and mammogram and other diagnostic radiation.

Another board member of ACS is president of a multinational pharmaceutical company. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. One hundred years of fraud, manipulation, miseducation and propaganda have served these organizations well, with corporate and political, lobby-style contributions to tune of millions and maybe billions of dollars.

If the truth came out people would be outraged it would cost their companies millions and millions of dollars in order to bail themselves out, all while continuing to promote foods that are making people seriously ill. American Cancer Society has massive cash reserves, American Cancer Society owns huge amounts of property, American Cancer Society is not heard by Congress or Regulatory Agencies.

This is NOT in the public’s interest that this business takes place and is labeled “non-profit” and declares a hundred-year-war on something that just keeps getting worse and more common – cancer. He had led the respected organization’s Knox County, Tennessee, office, but ACS accused him of … ACS is still pro-mammogram today. As well as in schools children are often being fed meat and dairy, with foods they love such as pizza while fruits and vegetables are not as often included in their diet.

Ultimately, the meat and dairy industry attempt to hide the true risks of consuming meat and dairy, in order to protect their companies value. Very little is being done to help protect the people around these farms because the industries refuse to acknowledge that their industries are causing severe health issues. Their actions are allowing them to make laws and falsify health studies to benefit themselves, concealing the truth and continuing to allow them to make a profit.

Vegan and vegetarian diets can help to reduce the risk of heart disease, and have a 25% less chance of dying from heart disease and it can also help to reduce the risk of developing type 2 diabetes. One could not possibly get enough protein, Introduction: and in turn enough oxygen, being delivered, 34 sustainability.

In 2012 alone, ACS raised nearly $100 million. The members are being paid to add in food in order to push meat consumption by saying it is healthy thus encouraging more consumption. Critics of ACS want to know if its just a marketing ploy that wastes donation money on hokey gimmicks and CEO salaries. Facts are that 65% of the population has some form of lactose intolerance with over 90% of the East Asian population being lactose intolerant. If the meat and dairy industry acknowledged the truth it would cause them a severe loss of profits and telling the truth would destroy both the meat and dairy industries. They are encouraging people who are already sick to consume more of the food that poses adverse health effects.

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