acl shipping schedule to west africa

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Plan your schedule based on the shipping lines estimated dates of shipping and arrivals. hޜ�mk�0ǿʽA�G(�. �;T���'H�Ҩ(���o�vr�8�m$!) We give you the right solutions to ship any size, any weight or length of cargo. ~H�/����o��������}F'A�"�����'��CZ=�k�B�?�'p�+'����o�d�u��uS�~�M�REs��^Ս€0jJ�>�aY�凪��@R,��6о�����!1�d�,��p E��e%6���( ��W1oJC�4Ez�x���0\z��7F��A��5�of� 5 0 obj

ACL knows how to handle every possible transport scenario for moving complex cargo. !%��ެ� S�A <>stream


Title: Grimaldi WAF schedule.xlsx Author: sabreu Created Date: vessel: grande cotonou: grande argentina: grande portogallo: grande africa: grande tema: grande dakar: grande lagos: grande africa: voyage: gct0820: gar0620: gpo0720 North America to Latin America. North America to Latin America. �����Y��k���#�;cc,#�'sS�u��_ă���Uiv95� \LB�Pӟ ���

endobj The service provides customers with three sailings per month, supported by the ACL marketing network in North America and the Grimaldi Group's unparalleled coverage of West Africa.

By integrating ocean, road, rail and feeder combinations, ACL is the only transatlantic carrier able to offer door-to-door pick-up and delivery for containers and oversized cargo. North America to Middle East.

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NYK. North America to West Africa . sabreu

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Hoegh. endobj Schedules. Copyright © 2020 ACL Cargo. North America - West Africa RoRo Schedule Week 45 / November 2, 2020 POL ETA Latest Delivery ETA Latest Delivery ETA Latest Delivery ETA Latest Delivery ETA Latest Delivery Freeport (TX) 10/19 10/12 10/31 10/21 11/9 11/3 Jacksonville 10/26 10/19 11/4 10/28 Savannah 10/27 10/20 11/6 10/30


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4 0 obj %PDF-1.4 <> Since 2006, Grimaldi has been offering the only direct Ro/Ro-container service between the USA and West Africa.

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West Africa Central Express Service: North America / West Africa Service: North Europe / West Africa Southern Express Service (Northbound) North Europe / West Africa Central Express Service (Northbound) West Africa Southern Express Service (Southbound) Mediterranean Express Service: North Europe / West Africa / South America Line Grimaldi WAF schedule.xlsx h�b``�e``jf```|��� AES - G rimaldi West Africa Sailing Schedule Orchid Ace ORC0120 ETA-12/18 12/16--Grande Marocco GMA0720 ETA 12/10 12/15 12/17 12/18 12/19.

North America to West Africa.

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